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Cozy Nostalgic Bachelorette Slumber Party

Bachelorette Slumber Party

As the weather gets colder, the idea of wandering around bars in tiny dresses and heels may seem less appealing. When you’d rather stay inside and cozy, we recommend throwing a fantastic (and nostalgic) bachelorette slumber party!


Sleepover Invite

Cut some paper into the shape of a sleep mask and add ribbons to the sides. Voila! An inexpensive and cute invitation!


Cheers Bitches Banner Cropped

Decor can be as relaxed or lavish as you want. If you go for a nostalgic slumber party vibe, you can cover the walls with posters of your favorite teen hearthrobs. Play the music you loved as a teenager or put on some of your old favorite movies in the background. (Or go a bit more “adult” with this “Cheers Bitches” banner!)


Cootie Catcher2

It’s not a sleepover without some games and gossip! We love the “Did You Ever vs. Would You Ever” game and the “What I Know about the Bride” game pad. You’ll get to know each other better and see who knows the bride best. Combine those games with nostalgic favorites like cootie catchers and Twister!


Cereal Bar

Get all of your favorite slumber party foods: pizza, popcorn, candy, and more. Set it all out on a table so guests can munch on it throughout the night.

Don’t forget the morning! This cereal bar is a fun and pretty way to enjoy breakfast without having to do much prep.

Slumber Party Essentials

Put together a tote of “sleepover essentials” including things like a toothbrush, a DIY facial, a sleep mask, and some cute slippers.

Do something special for the bride: get her a special outfit to wear for the night and package it in a duffle that she can use for her honeymoon or other overnight trips after she’s married. If it’s too chilly for just a sleep set, get her a blingin’ hoodie and matching lounge pants. These can be re-worn on her wedding day while she’s getting ready!

For more slumber party inspiration, check out our Pinterest board. What would you include in your slumber party?


Tailgate Bachelorette Party

Fall is here and if you’re a football fan, that means tailgating! Why not take the idea of tailgating one step farther by having a Bachelorette tailgate party before a big game? You’ll stand out and have a great time doing something you love with friends. Below are our recommendations for a fantastic bachelorette tailgate:


Team Bride Hoodies

Team Bride Hoodie

Get these for the whole group so everyone knows what team to cheer! Team Bride Hoodies, $34.99.

Future Mrs. Hoodies

Future Mrs. Hoodie

If you and the girls are huge football fans, have everyone wear a hoodie with the last name of their favorite player! You’re sure to get noticed. Future Mrs. Hoodie, $39.99.

Team Bride Buttons

Team Bride buttons

Would you rather wear your sporting gear? Just add these buttons to your already perfect ensemble! Team Bride Buttons, $10.99.


Pink Cutlery and Tableware

Pink Cutlery

Decorating your tailgating spot is essential, and while the theme is usually based around your team’s colors, we recommend you add another color: PINK. Your spot will stand out and everyone will know you’re celebrating a bachelorette party! (Plus, whoever said pink and football don’t go together?) Pink Party Cutlery, $1.99 for a 24 piece set.

Car Decoration Kit

Car Decoration Kit

Decorate the vehicle you’re tailgating out of with this cute car kit. You’ll be in the party spirit even to and from the game! Bachelorette Party Car Decoration Kit, $11.99. Add to the fun with some window markers for only $1.58 a piece.

Food and Drink:

Naughty Shaped Foods

Pecker Party Puffs

Take typical tailgating food (like cheese puffs) and swap it out for naughtier versions. It’s guaranteed to get some laughs! Pecker Party Puffs, $5.99.

Team Bride Cups

Team Bride Cup

These cups will let everyone know what team you’re on. Team Bride Cup, $1.99. Also available in a Team Groom design.

Can Coolers

Team Bride Can Cooler

Prefer cans of beer and soda to a poured drink? These can coolers will keep your drinks at the optimal temperature (and keep your fingers from getting too cold!). Team Bride Can Cooler, $0.99 each.

Gift for the Bride:

A Naughty Game

Foreplay Football

Give the bride something she can enjoy with her new hubby when a football game isn’t on. Foreplay Football Game, $11.99.

Would you hold a bachelorette tailgate party? And what team are you cheering for this year?


Planning the Ultimate Bachelorette Party in Seattle

Image courtesy of CNaene/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Planning a Bachelorette party in the Seattle area? These are our recommendations for the best places and services to celebrate your “last night out!”

Start your day with a class. You’ll learn something new and have a great time with friends and family in the process!

  • Academy of Burlesque: Your friends and you can learn the art of burlesque with lessons for stripping, tassel twirling, and more!
  • Divine Movement: Pole Dancing is a fantastic workout and a great time!
  • Parties That Cook: Take a cooking lesson and then try out some of the new techniques you learned!

Day Trips:
Get away without going too far with one of these excursions!

  • Seattle Wine Tours: Woodinville is a fantastic location for wine tasting, and Seattle Wine Tours can take you and your party around and back to your homes safely and comfortably!

These places are all “Bachelorette party friendly!”

  • Cowgirls Inc.: If you want to get wild and dance on a bar, country-style, this is the place for you!
  • Purple Cafe and Wine Bar: This wine bar features fresh, local food and an extensive wine collection. Four locations in the Seattle area offer various options for semi-private dining and all accommodate large groups.

Evening Entertainment:
Sit back, relax, and be entertained at one of these venues.

  • Can Can: This cabaret and restaurant is a bachelorette party staple. Their events and performances rotate often, so it won’t feel stale if you’ve been with a previous party!
  • Le Faux: Seattle’s most outrageous celebrity impersonator show! Featuring a full cast of impersonators, dancers and outrageous acts. You and your friends will see a Las Vegas style production of Britney, Cher, Ke$ha, Celine Dion, Rihana, Nicki Minaj, Jlo, Madonna and of course Lady Gaga plus many more concert-like performances from their performers.
  • Keys on Main: This dueling piano bar is a magnet for bachelorette parties. (you most likely won’t be the only one in there.) The singers always do something special for bachelorettes, so make sure you let someone know when you arrive!
  • Teatro Zinzanni: Teatro Zinzanni is a fantastic dinner theater event. It’s funny, sexy, and breathtaking.

Stay safe and fashionable by getting some great transportation!

  • Uber: You’ll be whisked away in style without having to plan ahead or pay too much. Just let the Uber app know you need a car, and one will start heading towards you, texting you once it arrives. Three price points and sizes of cars will mean you’ll find one that works for you. 
  • Creative Bus: Need something a bit bigger? Grab a party bus from Creative Bus! Their busses include thing like fog machines, laser lights, poles, and large tvs.

Mix and match from the categories to create a night you won’t forget. What will you be doing for your Seattle bachelorette party?


Mustache Party


We recently got a new product in that’s been selling like crazy, and it’s these pink mustache stickers. And no wonder! They’re only $1.99 and are ridiculously fun. (We couldn’t resist donning them ourselves a couple weeks ago.)

The mustaches are fantastic for a silly costume, party favor, or photo booth prop, but we got to thinking–how else can you use mustache stickers?

Decorating Straws

mustache straws

Order two sets of the mustaches and a pack of straws to make 6, or four sets of mustaches and a pack of straws to make 12.

Find the matching mustaches and place one on each side of the straw, about a 1/4 of the way down.

These straws double as a fun photo prop and a silly way to identify your drink. Not using straws? Put the mustaches straight on your drink container to claim it as your own!

Pin the Mustache on the Man

inflatable hunk with Mustache

If you want to keep your party appropriate for all ages, skip the traditional “pin the _____” bachelorette games and make your own with the mustaches! Take turns sticking them on our Inflatable Hunk doll or blow up a picture of the groom or a favorite celebrity crush. You won’t be able to stop laughing at the results!

“I Mustache You a Question”

mustache stickers

Turn the mustaches into a game! Have each girl start the party by putting on a mustache. Then, throughout the night, challenge mustachioed ladies to answer embarrassing questions truthfully. If they answer, they can remove their mustache!

We can’t get enough of the mustaches. How would you use them for your party?


Employee Profile: Meet Juliette!


We love the ladies that work with us at The House of Bachelorette, and know you’ll love them too! This week, we get to know Juliette!

Your role at The House of Bachelorette: 
Rhinestone Artist

Favorite Product from The House of Bachelorette: 
The tanks and hoodies–anything, I mean, it’s all awesome!

If you were to have a bachelorette party today, what would you do?
I would get online and order all my goodies for my party with our company–the quality is amazing and the designs are unique.

What’s your favorite thing about working for The House of Bachelorette?
Fun environment, love the products!

Say “Hi” to Juliette in the comments, and feel free to ask her questions!


Decorate a Hotel Room for a Bachelorette Party

Hotel Decor

A lot of bachelorette parties take place in hotel rooms or restaurants, and the standard decor may not scream “Ladies Night.” What to do? Pack some of these small and inexpensive items with you, and in 15 minutes you’ll have a party room ready for the bride-to-be!

Streamers: One roll of streamers can decorate a room easily. Just make sure you pack some tape to hang it up with! Grab multiple colors to make it extra festive. You can get this pink zebra print streamer roll for $2.99.

Banner: A banner helps set the tone for the party, and this one says it’s going to be a wild night. Get the “Cheers Bitches” banner for only $4.99!

Balloons: Balloons take up virtually no space in your suitcase and just need a bit of prep time to make a room more festive. You can even incorporate them into games later on in the night! Slip papers with dares into the balloons and have each girl pop a balloon then do the dare they find inside. Get 6 zebra print balloons for $2.99.

Boas: Use the boas to decorate the room at first, and then let the ladies wear them throughout the night. You can get 5 feather boas for $14.99!

Underwear: This gift to the bride can do double-duty as gifts and decor. Have each lady pick out a pair of underwear for the bride, and hang them up like a garland in the room. The bride will have to guess who gave each pair of underwear!

Rhinestone Sashes: Don’t forget to decorate the bride-to-be! Find a sash that matches the color scheme of the party, and you’re all set! This Soon To Be Mrs. sash is available for $23.99.

All of these items can be packed up in a small purse or carry-on and will turn your space from drab to fab. Check out all of these supplies and more at The House of Bachelorette!



How To Legally Change Your Name

Soon to Be Misses Sash

You’ve gotten married and you’re ready to switch over to a new last name, or so you think. The process can take months as you remember each form you have to fill out and each department you have to call, and generally, it’s just a huge pain. MissNowMrs.com has worked hard to reduce that pain into a 30 minute session on your computer. By purchasing a name change kit from MissNowMrs., you can fill out a form once and have it automatically fill out all of the different forms you need. Then it instructs you on where to take each form and what to do to finalize the change. Easy, right?

Get started today at MissNowMrs.com! Not the bride? Pick up a gift card for MissNowMrs.com from any David’s Bridal store or purchase one online, it makes a fantastic bridal shower or bachelorette party gift! (Pair it with one of our “Soon to Be Mrs.” sashes!)


Bachelorette Party Kits

We get it. You’re busy. You want to throw an amazing bachelorette party, but your time and money is limited. Put your attention towards the bride-to-be and your money towards some fantastic cocktails or dinner, and let us help you with everything else!

Our bachelorette party kits will make you look like the hostess with the mostess in no time! Take a look at some of our faves below, and see them all here.


Bachelorette Party Kit

This 46 piece bachelorette party kit will transform your home, bar, restaurant, or hotel room into the perfect party. It includes balloons, streamers, a banner, plates, napkins, and confetti. At only $12.99, it saves you time and money!


 Bachelorette Party Game Kit

It’s not a bachelorette party without some games! This 35 piece bachelorette party game kit will set you up with everything you need for 5 different games, and is only $9.99! The game kit includes scavenger hunt cards, man hunt stickers, scratch a dare game tickets, dare spinners, and stud scoring cards.

 Gifts for the Bride

Naughty Bride Gift Set

Even though you’re planning the party, you still may be expected to bring a gift for the bride. This gift is perfect if you’re looking for something a little naughty with a whole lot of pink! For $16.99, the Naughty Bride Gift Set includes a tiara, handcuffs, a shot glass, boa, and a truth or dare coupon book.

Party Favors

Bachelorette party favor pail

Don’t forget the attendees! This bachelorette party favor pail is only $5.99 each and includes a shot glass necklace, animal print lip balm, a “Bride’s Bitches” pen, Bachelorette party mint tin, and the cute tin pail that houses it all.

These are just a few of the kits made to help you keep your costs and time planning down. See all of the kits here, ranging in prices from $5.99 to $52.99.

What themed kits would you like to see?


Celebrate Same Sex Couples with Our Sashes!

The engagement announcements started pouring in yesterday with the advances in legalizing same-sex marriage. Same-sex couples are ready to show that “Love is Love” and we are ready to party with them leading up to their nuptials!

We have some fun sashes available for brides and grooms, no matter what type of relationship they’re in. These sashes are perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, pride parades, and any other excuse to celebrate the new rulings!

Rainbow Bride to Be Sash


This Rainbow Bride to Be sash can also be made to say “Groom to Be!” Pair it with our rainbow boa for a fun outfit.

Getting Married Bitches sash


Let everyone know that you can finally legally be wed with this “I’m Getting Married Bitches” sash! This is available in seven different colors, including rainbow.


Bridesman sash  man of honor sash

Play with gender norms by having a man on the bride’s side of the wedding party. He won’t feel left out of the group with these great “Bridesman” and “Man of Honor” sashes!

Congratulations to all of the brides and grooms-to-be out there! How will you be incorporating sashes into your same-sex wedding? And will you be doing joint or separate bachelor/bachelorette parties?




Hold a Coed Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

coed bachelor/bachelorette party

Does the bride and groom share a lot of the same friends? Would they rather have everyone spend time together instead of separating the girls and boys? Hold a coed party!

Many couples are going the combo bachelor/bachelorette party route, and they’re having a great time. Here are some suggestions for fun themes/activities you can do at your coed party.

  • Sports Theme: Buy a block of seats at a baseball game or other sporting event and cheer on the team together! Our Team Bride Tanks would be a perfect way for the ladies in the group to stand out. (The boys don’t need to feel left out: get them these “Team Groom” cups!
  • Casino Night: Set up a room with a bunch of card games and have a couple friends volunteer to be dealers for the night. Encourage everyone to dress up, and have chips and prizes on hand for the winners! Encourage everyone to dress up and make some Casino Royale-inspired cocktails. Just remember to make them shaken, not stirred.
  • Paintballing: Find some old, tacky dresses and suits at a thrift store, and go paintballing in them! Just make sure you’re a couple weeks away from the wedding so any potential bruises can heal. Bonus points if you can find a photographer to come and take action shots!
  • Scavenger Hunt: create a scavenger hunt and then compete: Boys vs. Girls! Set a time to meet back up at a bar or restaurant to compare scores and stories, and to crown a winner. Our Bridal Party and Groom’s Party buttons are a fun and easy item both teams can wear throughout the day. You can use our bachelorette scavenger hunt printable as a starting base. Just switch the “bride” and “groom” mentions around for the boys’ team!

Would you have a coed bachelor/bachelorette party? Let us know in the comments!


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