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Bachelorette Party Coupons

Bachelorette Hair Accessories!

No bachelorette party outfit is complete without fabulous hair accessories!


Our wide variety of hats, veils, and tiaras is perfect for each individual bride! Whether you enjoy being bold and standing out or blending in more, we have many options that will fit your preferences.

pink and white straw western hat and veil


Our hat selection includes top hats, fedoras, and westerns hats! Some of the hats even come with a veil attached to it.




hot pink sparkle veil

Our sparkly veils are also a classy option that will tell the world it’s your big day! There are many colors to choose from and you can get plain veils or our Bride to Be veils!



glitter bachelorette tiara

Embrace your inner princess with our tiaras!




Visit our website for all of our hair accessory options and check out our Pinterest page for bachelorette hair ideas!

Bachelorette Party Survival Kit!

Bachelorette parties are always tons of fun and sometimes a survival kit would come in handy!


bachelorette party survival kitIn order for you and your guests to survive this wild night, get our Bachelorette Party Survival Kit!


You have the option of only getting the survival kit zip pouch and filling it with your own goodies, or choosing to put our fabulous items in.


bachelorette party lip balm

Adding lip balm, a pen, and a tattoo will give you and your party guests fun treats for the night!


zebra sleep mask


Instead of this set, add an eye mask and hand sanitizer for a restful night and good hygiene!


You also have the choice to add lip balm, a pen, a tattoo, an eye mask, and hand sanitizer. This option gives you all the essentials to survive a fun-filled night out with the girls!


Get our Bachelorette Party Survival Kit and more at our website!

Bachelorette Sipping Jars!

As it gets hotter this summer, you need to keep hydrated!

Whether it’s at the actual bachelorette party, or at any event preparing for the wedding, you and your friends and family can enjoy our sipping jars!

drinking team jars

Your wedding party and family are on your wedding team and our “Bachelorette Drinking Team” jars are a fun way to show them you appreciate their support!







shes getting merried yall sipping jar

For the western bachelorette parties and the country girls at heart, we have fabulous “She’s Getting Married Y’all sipping jars!



drinking team cup with candies






Our jars are a great way to stay hydrated in style, but they can also be used as goodie bags. Put candy or fun party favors inside the jar and give them to your bachelorette party guests!



They will be able to use the jars long after the wedding is over and they will always have a token to remember your special day.


Visit our website to get our sipping jars and party favors!

Bachelorette on a Budget!

Are you planning a fabulous bachelorette party on a budget? Planning a party of any kind can get very expensive very fast and it’s always nice to buy items that are reasonably priced! At our Bachelorette Party website you can find the perfect decorations and party favors that are only $1.99 and under! There are so many products you can buy that will make your party look great and your guests feel special for a super low cost!

keep calm this bitch is getting hitched gift bagSome decoration essentials we have for this price are gift bags, plates, napkins, balloons, streamers, and centerpieces. By shopping in the $1.99 and under category, you can decorate your party in style.


i cant keep calm cup






You can also cater to all your food and drink needs with can coolers, shot glasses, cookie cutters, straws, and cups! There are countless party favors available for this awesome low price.


Make sure your party has the best decorations and party favors without it breaking the bank! Visit us at our website to check out our amazing products for just $1.99 and under!

Drink in Style!

Are you planning an exciting bachelorette party this summer? In the hot summer months it’s important to stay hydrated! Whether you’re quenching your thirst with water or some tasty party drinks, make sure you’re doing it in style! Our website offers many different ways the bride and her party guests can get in the bachelorette party spirit while drinking!

hottie shot glassesFor those planning on having a fun night with shots there are many options, like our Drink Up Bitches, Girls Night Out, and Hottie shot glasses.



For any type of yummy mixed drinks or other beverages, our fabulous Drinking Team Sipping Jars, large Party Cups, and Giant Bachelorette Cups are perfect!


drinking team jars


If your bachelorette party drink of choice is beer, soda, or anything in a can, get our amazing coolers so your drink stays cold and fresh in the heat!




Bride's Entourage Cooler






Stay hydrated and stylish at the same time with our amazing drink options and visit our website for all of your bachelorette party needs.

Don’t forget to check out our Bachelorette Party Cocktails board on Pinterest for tasty drink ideas!

Take a Trapeze Class For a Wild Bachelorette Party!


Want to do something out of the ordinary for your bachelorette party? Take a class that will teach you a new skill and help you cross an item off of your bucket list. If you’re in the Seattle area, you can get adventurous and learn some trapeze basics!

Emerald City Trapeze Arts provides private classes where every attendee will get a chance to fly and learn tricks on their full-sized trapeze rig. The classes are taught by circus professionals, and are designed to accommodate people of all athletic abilities. You’ll have tons of fun watching each other and cheering each other on!

The classes are a total rush, and gives you a huge sense of satisfaction (not to mention all of the endorphins)! Afterwards, visit a nearby restaurant or bar for a drink and to relive the class through the pictures and videos you took.

This class is great for circus-themed parties, adventurous or athletic brides, or anyone that wants to have a party that the girls will talk about for years after.

Book your bachelorette party by calling this number: (206) 906-9442.

Want some ideas on what to wear for your trapeze adventure? We recommend some cute matching sweats or yoga pants, rhinestone tank tops, and accessorizing with some of Emerald City Trapeze Arts’ recommendations! Want to try a few different classes for your bachelorette party? Use our list of Top 10 Classes To Take for your Bachelorette Party to get inspired!

Introducing: Bachelorette Party Ideas!

Bachelorette Party Planning

Need some ideas on what to do for your bachelorette party? Want some help on figuring out what you’re supposed to do? Check out the new “Bachelorette Party Ideas” section on The House of Bachelorette!

The section includes everything  you need to know to throw an epic party. Including:

  • 101 Bachelorette Party Ideas
  • Bachelorette Party Photo Prop Ideas
  • Best Bachelorette Party Movies
  • Cocktail Ideas for  your Bachelorette Party
  • How to Choose the Best Bachelorette Party Gift
  • Planning a Bachelorette Party for Your Sister
  • CoEd Bachelorette Party Ideas
  • Bachelorette Party Game Ideas

And more! See all of the topics available here! Are there any topics you’d like to see us cover in the future?

Introducing Bride Gift Sets!

Don’t have a lot of time, but want to make sure the bachelorette looks fantastic for her party? The House of Bachelorette is here to help!

We’ve created gift sets for the bride to be that will have her looking glam and gorgeous! See below for some of our most popular options:

Naughty Bachelorette Gift Set

A naughty bride will love this fun set! The Naughty Bachelorette Light Up Gift Set includes a flashing tiara, boa, a pink and black bachelorette sash, and a light up martini glass party bead necklace, and comes packaged in a black glossy containers with ribbon handles. $16.99.

Hot Pink and Black Luxury Bride Gift Set

Love the pink and black, but want to go a bit more luxe and a bit less naughty? This is your gift set! The Hot Pink and Black Luxury Bride Gift Set includes a tiara, a luxury black satin and rhinestone sash, a boa, and a garter, in a glossy pink container with ribbon handles. $34.99.


White and Bridal Blue Luxury Gift Set


Perhaps your bride deserves luxury, but would prefer traditional colors. This set is the perfect way to give a bride-t0-be “something blue” and make sure she looks gorgeous for her bachelorette party. The White and Bridal Blue Luxury Bride Gift Set includes a tiara, a luxury white satin sash with rhinestones, a boa, and a garter, in a glossy white container with ribbon handles. $34.99.

White and Silver Bride Gift Set


This cute kit is perfect for a traditional bride, and is super affordable! The White and Silver Bride Gift Set contains a tiara/veil, a boa, a “Bride to Be” sash, and a shot glass wedding ring, in a glossy white container with ribbon handles. $14.99.

Which kit will you be getting for the bride?

Cozy Nostalgic Bachelorette Slumber Party

Bachelorette Slumber Party

As the weather gets colder, the idea of wandering around bars in tiny dresses and heels may seem less appealing. When you’d rather stay inside and cozy, we recommend throwing a fantastic (and nostalgic) bachelorette slumber party!


Sleepover Invite

Cut some paper into the shape of a sleep mask and add ribbons to the sides. Voila! An inexpensive and cute invitation!


Cheers Bitches Banner Cropped

Decor can be as relaxed or lavish as you want. If you go for a nostalgic slumber party vibe, you can cover the walls with posters of your favorite teen hearthrobs. Play the music you loved as a teenager or put on some of your old favorite movies in the background. (Or go a bit more “adult” with this “Cheers Bitches” banner!)


Cootie Catcher2

It’s not a sleepover without some games and gossip! We love the “Did You Ever vs. Would You Ever” game and the “What I Know about the Bride” game pad. You’ll get to know each other better and see who knows the bride best. Combine those games with nostalgic favorites like cootie catchers and Twister!


Cereal Bar

Get all of your favorite slumber party foods: pizza, popcorn, candy, and more. Set it all out on a table so guests can munch on it throughout the night.

Don’t forget the morning! This cereal bar is a fun and pretty way to enjoy breakfast without having to do much prep.

Slumber Party Essentials

Put together a tote of “sleepover essentials” including things like a toothbrush, a DIY facial, a sleep mask, and some cute slippers.

Do something special for the bride: get her a special outfit to wear for the night and package it in a duffle that she can use for her honeymoon or other overnight trips after she’s married. If it’s too chilly for just a sleep set, get her a blingin’ hoodie and matching lounge pants. These can be re-worn on her wedding day while she’s getting ready!

For more slumber party inspiration, check out our Pinterest board. What would you include in your slumber party?

Tailgate Bachelorette Party

Fall is here and if you’re a football fan, that means tailgating! Why not take the idea of tailgating one step farther by having a Bachelorette tailgate party before a big game? You’ll stand out and have a great time doing something you love with friends. Below are our recommendations for a fantastic bachelorette tailgate:


Team Bride Hoodies

Team Bride Hoodie

Get these for the whole group so everyone knows what team to cheer! Team Bride Hoodies, $34.99.

Future Mrs. Hoodies

Future Mrs. Hoodie

If you and the girls are huge football fans, have everyone wear a hoodie with the last name of their favorite player! You’re sure to get noticed. Future Mrs. Hoodie, $39.99.

Team Bride Buttons

Team Bride buttons

Would you rather wear your sporting gear? Just add these buttons to your already perfect ensemble! Team Bride Buttons, $10.99.


Pink Cutlery and Tableware

Pink Cutlery

Decorating your tailgating spot is essential, and while the theme is usually based around your team’s colors, we recommend you add another color: PINK. Your spot will stand out and everyone will know you’re celebrating a bachelorette party! (Plus, whoever said pink and football don’t go together?) Pink Party Cutlery, $1.99 for a 24 piece set.

Car Decoration Kit

Car Decoration Kit

Decorate the vehicle you’re tailgating out of with this cute car kit. You’ll be in the party spirit even to and from the game! Bachelorette Party Car Decoration Kit, $11.99. Add to the fun with some window markers for only $1.58 a piece.

Food and Drink:

Naughty Shaped Foods

Pecker Party Puffs

Take typical tailgating food (like cheese puffs) and swap it out for naughtier versions. It’s guaranteed to get some laughs! Pecker Party Puffs, $5.99.

Team Bride Cups

Team Bride Cup

These cups will let everyone know what team you’re on. Team Bride Cup, $1.99. Also available in a Team Groom design.

Can Coolers

Team Bride Can Cooler

Prefer cans of beer and soda to a poured drink? These can coolers will keep your drinks at the optimal temperature (and keep your fingers from getting too cold!). Team Bride Can Cooler, $0.99 each.

Gift for the Bride:

A Naughty Game

Foreplay Football

Give the bride something she can enjoy with her new hubby when a football game isn’t on. Foreplay Football Game, $11.99.

Would you hold a bachelorette tailgate party? And what team are you cheering for this year?

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