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Pole Dancing Bachelorette Parties: A Sexy Spin on the Pre-Wedding Bash

Pole dancing bachelorette parties are a great way to celebrate the end of the single life, create memories with your pals and launch into wedded bliss with some new knowledge that may spice up the honeymoon.

Lots of brides are strapping on stilettos for a night of pole dancing instruction rather than the typical bachelorette party at the bar.

Stacy, an in-home pole dancing instructor based in Maine says bachelorettes should skip the strip club and stay home instead. “I think the days of the cheesy male stripper are over! Ladies enjoy making it about them and feeling good about themselves,” she says. Edith with From Mind to Body agrees. “Instead of the usual male stripper performance, brides can learn new moves to use on their honeymoon or wedding night. It’s a fabulous time with the girls and you’re able to use what you learned for that lucky man!”
Hire an at-home instructor like Pole Parties by Stacy and everything you need for a night of fun will be brought right to your door. Plus, Stacy says unlike a lot of pole dancing studios, bachelorettes are able to sip on some adult beverages at the same time. “Most studios don’t allow the ladies to enjoy cocktails in their studio, which is understandable,” says Stacy, “but a little ‘courage juice’ can sometimes help those who are a bit apprehensive!”

Krisha at Seattle-based Pole for the Sole says plenty of girls are apprehensive and nervous when they show up for a pole dancing bachelorette party. But once the class gets going, most women are pleasantly surprised. “Some girls get dragged along to a pole party because the bride wanted to do it. They think they will be clumsy or feel embarrassed or intimidated,” explains Krisha. “After the party they tell me that although they didn’t expect it, they ended up having more fun than they could have imagined and found a sexy side they didn’t even know was there.”

Krisha says it’s important for all bachelorette party attendees to remember that no one is going to judge you. “It doesn’t matter if you think you can’t dance or think you have no rhythm or don’t think you are graceful,” says Krisha. “And we have women of all ages and all body sizes, everyone woman (18 and older) is welcome! We have fun and easy moves that everyone can learn and enjoy.” And if you fall in love with pole dancing during your bachelorette party, most studios offer regular classes so you can improve your skills, tap into your sexy side and master the pole. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up wanting to install your own stripper pole at home.

Need a little help finding a pole dancing studio or instructor for your bachelorette party? Here are some to check out. Many companies have offered exclusive discount offers for The House of Bachelorette readers looking to organize a bachelorette pole dancing party. But keep in mind that The House of Bachelorette isn’t personally familiar with all of these companies so do some research on your own before signing up and strapping on those stilettos!

Arizona Pole Dancing Studios


Pussycats Pole Dance: PussyCatsPoleDance.com; Scottsdale, Arizona (602) 460.6953
Express MiE: Expressmie.com; Tempe, Arizona (480) 626.5973
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British Columbia, Canada Pole Dancing Studios

Pole Dance Studio: Poledancestudio.com; Vancouver, BC (604) 765.5034
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California Pole Dancing Studios

Los Angeles

Allure Dance and Fitness Studio: PoleDanceAllure.com; Los Angeles, California (310) 343.9757
Aphrodite SNP Striptease and Pole Dancing Class:Aphroditesnp.com; Los Angeles, California (323) 272.3179
Receive a 10% discount when you mention The House of Bachelorette


Heart & Pole: HeartandPole.com; Torrance, California (310) 526.3038
Mention The House of Bachelorette at booking and receive a $20 discount on your party

San Francisco

Sedusa Studios: SedusaStudios.com; San Francisco, Walnut Creek, and the Bay Area in California (408) 867.2224
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Venus Pole Fitness: VenusPoleDance.com; Modesto, California (209) 380.3224
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Florida Pole Dancing Studios


FEM 4 Physique: Fem4physique.com; Orlando, Florida (407) 963.0968
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Georgia Pole Dancing Studios


Bella Donna Atlanta Pole Dancing Studio: BellaDonnaAtlanta.com; Stockbridge, Georgia (678) 368.2069

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Louisiana Pole Dancing Studios

New Orleans

Pole Perfect Fitness: PolePerfectFitness.com; New Orleans, Louisiana and Mandeville, Louisiana (985) 264.4705

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Maine Pole Dancing Studios


Pole Parties By Stacy: www.GotMoreFun.com; Portland, Maine (508) 737.2912

Nevada Pole Dancing Studios


Bodies By Brenda: BodiesbyBrenda.com; Reno, Nevada (775) 691.0625

Las Vegas

Pole Fitness Studio by Fawnia: PoleDancingLasVegas.net;  Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 878. POLE
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Stripper 101: Stripper101.com; Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 318.6464
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Oregon Pole Dancing Studios


Ecdysiast: EcdysiastStudio.com; Portland, Oregon (503) 231.2542

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Texas Pole Dancing Studios


Poleicious Parties: Poleiciousparties.com; Dallas, Texas (214) 938.1607
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Washington Pole Dancing Studios


Divine Movement: DivineMovementDance.com; Seattle, Washington (206) 384.1440
Snag a 10% discount off your party when you mention The House of Bachelorette
Free Movement Zone: FreeMovementZone.com; Seattle, Washington (206) 755.9275
Receive $50 off your party when you mention The House of Bachelorette
Pole for the Soul: PoleForTheSoul.com; Seattle, Washington (206) 600.4FIT


Poledello: Poledello.com; Tacoma, Washington (253) 509.8811
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Nationwide Pole Dancing Studios

From Mind To Body Pole Fitness: FromMindtoBody.com; (949) 903.1867
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