Planning a Bachelorette Party? Start Here!

Martini picHi Friends! This checklist is your perfect starting point in beginning your planning for the World’s Best Bachelorette Party!  It may look like a 12 step program, but it’s the perfect recipe for a great party!


3 – 6 Months from the Wedding date
Step 1
First things First…you need to talk with the bride about what she would like her Bachelorette Party to be like, who she would like invited and pick the Bachelorette Party date. Usually 2 day’s – 2 weeks prior to the Wedding on a weekend night is the best choice.

Step 2
Pick a Bachelorette Party Idea
– These days you don’t have to have a traditional Bachelorette Party, there are all kinds of new ideas. Check out this list of more than 60 AMAZING Bachelorette Party Ideas! Once you select an idea – have FUN with it!

Step 3
Send a Save-the-Date E-mail to the invitees.
Let them know the date (advanced notice is ideal – especially if they are buying plane tickets!), the Party Idea, the brides requests, and ask if anyone would like to help with the planning.


2 – 3 Months prior to the Bachelorette Party date
Step 4
Book the Venue, buy the tickets, order the transportation, following your Bachelorette Party Idea
. You may need to collect the pricing info and e-mail the attendees to send you money for advance purchase tickets, etc.


1-2 Months prior to the Bachelorette Party date
Step 5

Make all the final reservations. Restaurants, party rooms, tables at the club, transportation, etc. Make certain to ask for discounts/specials.

Step 6
Send out the official Bachelorette Party invite
. Make sure to let the attendees know if a contribution is needed from them and let them know the amount. Send the final itinerary with the invite.  Click here to see some great FREE bachelorette Party E-Cards.


2 weeks – 1 Month Prior to the Bachelorette Party date
Step 7
Plan the Games
you will want to play and make a final list of the purchases you will need to make.

Step 8
Plan your Bachelorette Party Bag
– Fill it with all the items you will need to have a BLAST. Check out this list for great PARTY BAG ideas!

Step 9
Order all of you Bachelorette Party Items
. A Tiara/Veil, feather boas, naughty props, a naughty gift for the bride (click here for a list of ideas of what to give the bride at her Bachelorette Party!), any supplies you may need for the games, etc.


1 Week Prior to the Bachelorette Party date
Step 10
Confirm a final guest count
and confirm your reservations. Make certain the reservations are for the final count and that you have enough swag bags and game supplies for all the Bachelorettes.



People Dancing at a Bachelorette PartyThe Day before the Bachelorette Party!
Step 11
Send a reminder to the bride and the guests
and fill your party bags! Organize the supplies for the Games. Wrap the Brides Gift.


On the Day of the Bachelorette Party!
Step 12
Arrive at 
the meeting place approximately 30 minutes early to make certain you are first to arrive. Take a couple of other Bachelorettes with you and have a drink! You deserve it!

Have the World’s Best Bachelorette Party! and …


Looking for MORE Bachelorette Party Help? Try my Free Bachelorette Party Checklist, or my Bachelorette Party Songs Playlist to help you select the PERFECT Bachelorette Party  music for the BRIDE-TO-BE!

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Steph Storm
The House of Bachelorette

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