How to have a Relaxing Spa Bachelorette Party on any Budget!

If the brides idea of a great time is a soothing zen music, a glass of wine and someone rubbing her feet then a SPA BACHELORETTE PARTY may be just what the doctor ordered!

See below some ideas for this Out-of-the-Ordinary Bachelorette Party!

What’s your Budget? The first place to start is with the budget – and with a SPA Bachelorette Party you can have a great party on almost ANY BUDGET. I have broken down the ideas into 3 categories: Pampered Partier (the sky is the limit!), Discount Diva (moderate budget), Broke Bachelorette (low budget – free)!

Pampered Partier Style ($$$$)– When budget is not a concern you can go all out with a Spa Bachelorette Party. Book the bachelorettes in a 4 star resort with a large Spa Facility like The Ritz-Carlton. You can relax by the pool and plan many spa treatments and make it a long weekend full of great services such as facials, massages and mud baths. Another option is to go all out with a wellness weekend that would include spa treatments as well as diet, exercise and wellness seminars such as Canyon Ranch SpaClub. Either way you will have a WONDERFUL, RELAXING weekend Bachelorette Party to remember…and be ready for the Wedding Day Photos!

Discount Diva Style ($$)– Moderate budgets require a little more creativity. Contact your local Spas and find packages for groups of people. Many times you can get great volume discounts or at least get the brides services for FREE! When planning an entire day or afternoon at the SPA don’t forget about the food or drinks. Find out if your spa offers drinks for free, and if not, ask if you can bring the brides favorite wine or cocktail to serve. Plan to have snacks or food if you will be at the Spa over lunch or dinner. Pick the brides favorites and you can’t go wrong!

Broke Bachelorette ($)– A Spa Bachelorette Party at Home can be a great time! Proper Planning is the key to success with this type of bachelorette Party. Pick up great facial masks at your local drug store or at Lush. Pick up the tools to give each other a manicure or pedicure and paint each others nails/toes. Hire a massage therapist to come to your home (with their portable massage table) and give each bachelorette a 15-20 minute massage. Play relaxing music, pour some wine or cocktails, and enjoy each others company!

Don’t forget cute Spa Theme Party favors or a FUN game to play at the Spa like our Groom Quiz Game!

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4 thoughts on “How to have a Relaxing Spa Bachelorette Party on any Budget!

  1. Good one ! thanks.Just one to take a chance to give a tip to those with cracked heel..make sure tht your heel is dry after you go 2 washroom or take a bath or else moisture will be stripped.put some baby lotion on your heels and wear a pair of socks at nite…it works on me!

  2. Great ideas!! This is definitely what I want for my bachelorette party. When the girls came to me and asked what i would like, i had no idea what to tell them because I honestly believe i’d be divorced faster than married if i had a typical bachelorette party. With that being said, i definitely wanted an alternative but wasnt sure what to do. This is an awesome idea and I really love this site 🙂

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